Italian Pewter Candle holder with snuffer

Italian Pewter Candle holder with snuffer


Candle holder with snuffer, made of solid pewter by skilled craftsmen in Italy by Cosi Tabellini.

This pretty chamberstick, sometimes referred to as a 'handlestick', recreates the nostalgia of taking a candle to bed; draughty landings and floaty nightdresses.  

Candle-light adds a certain ambience to a room, whether forced or voluntary, and the traditional design of this pewter candlestick adds to the ambience created by a candle’s gentle glow, yet safety is paramount - even when you are relaxed and ready for bed, and the candles need to be extinguished, so having a built in snuffer is a great feature.

The Claudia built-in Candle Snuffer is a handy conical shaped extinguisher cap, and sits neatly within the handle of the chamberstick base ready for use. 

Diameter 15cm