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Cereria Molla Reed Diffuser / Velvet Wood

The boutique fragrance house Cereria Molla house are located in Valencia, Spain. They use only the best raw materials and the most exclusive fragrances, and their craft has been developed by the Molla family by generation after generation since 1899.

The Cereria Molla range is exclusive to Cranfields and are perfect for adding layers of fragrance to your home.

The set comes in an exquisite box with a glass diffuser and a set of quality reeds.  Some fragrances have a black bottle others have a cream bottle.  100 ml bottle - 5.5cm x 5.5cm x 8cm H

Refills are available.

Velvet Wood is a sophisticated combination of spicy and aromatic notes where spices fuse with lavender. The tobacco contributes earthiness to the composition. Vanilla smoothes the base notes of tobacco and add a comfortable aspect to the fragrance. Cream glass.