Climbing Rope Aluminium Tube Necklace

Climbing Rope Aluminium Tube Necklace


Christina Brampti is a talented jeweller working in Athens, Greece.  Classically trained in graphical arts and interior decor she moved to jewllery nearly 20 years.  Christina uses unusual materials and objects transforming them into something unexpected. The way Christina see it, jewellery is a form of personal expression. A way of expressing yourself in the here and now; an opportunity to communicate.

That is why most of her designs can be worn in several different ways, opening up a personal dialogue with the person who choses the pieces. Contemporary and clean, easy to wear pieces. 

This style comes in three differnt colours - Green mix, blue mix and a red mix. They are a smaller version, for those who want a more subtle look. They can be worn long or looped around twice. 

Approx 57cm long 

Made in Greece