Dalvey Sport Compass Dalvey Sport Compass

Dalvey Sport Compass



Redesigned to incorporate contemporary detailing and features, the Dalvey compass makes a stunning impression. The Dalvey Modern Sport Compass is extremely elegant and easy to use. It features a liquid-damped military standard compass with a fast settling tungsten steel needle on a jeweled bearing.

This compass has a rotating compass bezel that allows for sighting objects as well as obtaining accurate magnetic headings. Simply sight the object and rotate the bezel until the North indicator aligns with the red needle point, and then read the precise heading from the bezel.

The medium-sized and beautifully made precision compass has a pocket watch style compass case that is crafted stainless steel.  

This Dalvey Compass comes in a handsome gift box with a full one-year guarantee.

Diameter: 61mm