Italian Pewter Money Box

Italian Pewter Money Box


This money box was handmade by Cosi Tabellini, the leading pewter house in Italy. Their artisans have given it the character of a much loved family heirloom. Made from solid pewter, handcrafted by Italian pewterers, this sturdy money box, complete with lock and key, is subtly decorated with the message 'Pecunia Fidens', roughly translated as 'Brave Money'.

This charming and unique little vessel is perfect for optimistically saving for one's hopes and dreams. It is the perfect keepsake for all - young or old - and makes a perfect gift for a baby, child or young person.

The pewter engraves beautifully to make it an extra special gift.

Comes in a beautiful soft cloth bag and elegant gift box.

Dimensions: 9cm W and 12cm H.