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Hinoki Oval Cutting Board | Cypress

A HINOKI cutting board is considered to be the highest quality cutting board in Japan. The rounded design of TEUD cutting boards makes them easy to handle and allows for particularly good dripping. The medium hardness of HINOKI ensures that the blade of the knife is not damaged.

“HINOKI” (jap. 檜, 桧) is the Japanese name for a cypress. This wood is cultivated in Japan as a precious wood and has been used for many hundreds of years to build palaces, temples and shrines. The oldest Japanese wooden building, the HORYUJI Temple, was also built from HINOKI, the king of Japanese trees.


size S / 310 (280)mm x 180mm x 18mm
size M / 390 (360)mm x 240mm x 18mm
size L / 450 (420)mm x 280mm x 18mm