Portuguese Collar w Leaves Portuguese Collar w Leaves

Portuguese Collar w Leaves



TM Collection create timeless woman's clothing and homewares in noble natural fabrics embellished with exclusive prints, textures and embroideries. Their jewellery collection is made from off-cuts from their clothing collection, they are all designed by a retired ballerina in Portugal.

TM Collection create timeless garments and home collections which are a form of art and expression of a unique style. Garments made with integreaty instantly have more longevity and become highly desirable and imbued with emotion. This lovely collar has a lot going for it. It is created from offcuts of the fabrics used in making the clothes for the collections so nothing is wasted. Handmade braided flowers decorate the collar. Each combination is unique. 

The use of natural materials, traditional craftsmanship and the pursuit for excellence and cultural variety are standard values that guide their work.