Principe Save my Bag

Principe Save my Bag


Super-light, spacious and with a maxi zipper, this bag is perfect for work, a weekend away, the gym or the beach. 

Dimensions: 550x345x310 mm

Save My Bag was founded in 2013 by Valentina and Stefano Agazzi in Bergamo, Italy. Intended originally as a luxury waterproof cover to “save” a designer bag, Save My Bag has gone as far as a unique “it bag” status all of its own.

Save My Bag’s allure is in its ironic, playful and smart contemporary design, as well as its innovative construction. Made in Italy of Poly-Fabric with Lycra ®®, Save My Bag is chic and cruelty free, resilient and refined, super light and super unique. Their signature fabric is a super soft blend that is even lighter than neoprene. They use premiere Italian Lycra® to provide you with a lightweight, durable and chic bag.