Secrid Mini Wallet Metallic Rose Leather



The Secrid Wallet is a compact and super-safe wallet. 

Protect your cards against false scanning, slide them out for easy access. The Miniwallet is based around an aluminium card protector that provides optimum protection for up to 6 of your most important cards. Inside the Miniwallet you can also store paper money, receipts, business cards and coins. 

Each wallet is handmade in the Netherlands from local components and has a unique serial number as proof of authenticity. 

The high precision aluminium is also used by the aviation industry.

The leather is superb quality, and from the same European tanneries that supply the luxury Italian and French fashion houses.  This modern leather has a unique foil finish that creates a shade of luminosity, the additional protective layer ensures a smooth long lasting surface. 

Close to 100 people in Holland, some from social enterprises precisely assemble the wallets.

Dimensions: 10.3 x 6.2 x 2.2 cm