Secrid Slim Wallet

Secrid Slim Wallet


The Secrid Slimwallet is even more compact than the miniwallets and fits perfectly in the breast pocket of a jacket. Has room for at least 6 cards as well as room to store money, recipts, business cards and coins. The Dutch Martin Leather is unique to these wallets and a characteristic appearance and feel to it.

Each wallet is handmade in the Netherlands from local components and has a unique serial number as proof of authenticity. 

  • The high precision aluminium is also used by the aviation industry.
  • The leather is superb quality, and from the same tannery who supply the luxury Italian and French fashion houses.
  • Close to 100 people from Social enterprises in Holland are precisely assembling the wallets. 

Dimensions: 10.3 x 6.2 x 2.0 cm