Cereria Molla Room Spray



The boutique fragrance house Cereria Molla house are located in Valencia, Spain. They use only the best raw materials and the most exclusive fragrances, and their craft has been developed by the Molla family by generation after generation since 1899. 

The Cereria Molla range is exclusive to Cranfields and are perfect for adding layers of fragrance to your home. 


100ml spray bottle 


Tea & Lemongrass is a fragrance with ” green and aromatics ” characters. Lemongrass as known as lemon herb from the West Indies creates a lively atmosphere, with a base ofTea bringing serenity.  

Fleur de Tiare is a floral fragrance with exotic fruity notes that will take you to the luxuriant gardens of the Polynesian Islands; the notes of Ylang-Ylang and Tuberose release drops of sensuality and the background of woody Vanilla. 

Bergamotto di Calabria is warm Sandalwood from Mysore combined with the vigorous freshness of Bergamotte di Calabria  lends the subtle power of Cardamon and Lemon that transport you to this Mediterranean Island. A fragrance full of energy. 

Amber & Sandalwood is a spicy aromatic essence with a fresh citrus start, accompanied by the persistent Sandalwood and combined with a background of a musky scent and a touch of the woods. 

Velvet Wood is a sophisticated combination of spicy and aromatic notes where spices fuse with lavender. The tobacco contributes earthiness to the composition. Vanilla smoothes the base notes of tobacco and add a comfortable aspect to the fragrance. 
Basil & Mandarin is a fragrance that brings an en interesting harmony of Lemon, Lime and Tangerine citrus notes, accompanied by a prevailing floral scent of Ivy and White Jasmine, with a seductive final layer thanks to their oriental woody notes.

French Linen is a comforting fragrance with a touch of citrus at the beginning and a heart of lilies, peonies and freshly cut freesia flowers. A wonderful, fine, clean fragrance.