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Tweedmill Recycled Wool Rug

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Beautiful, stylish and homely eco friendly all wool blanket - a fabulous addition to your summer picnics or thrown over a couch.

This rug is from Tweedmill's recycled range that uses re-spun wool to weave the throws ... combining natural hews in beautiful patterns.  All individually spun, no two pieces can ever be the same. The wool is new, they cleverly re-purpose any offcuts and unused wool from the manufacturing process.

One of only a few remaining weaving mills still operating in the UK, Tweedmill is based in Wales, situated near the Clwydian mountain range, where a rich history of textiles runs deep. Tweedmills' range of blankets and throws incorporate the practice of combing once each throw is woven, giving an added softness to each piece.

Materials: 100% new wool

Size: 120 x 150cm

Please note, while you can specify a preference for a colour, the images are only representative - each rug is completely unique.