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6 Quick Tips to Find the Perfect Work Bag

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6 quick tips to find the perfect work bag

There’s an art to looking good and when you get it right you’ll feel ready to tackle the world. Good quality accessories are key. A great bag is a smart investment because it will last for many years and not only look professional, it’ll be a pleasure to use.

When choosing a new work bag it's important to do your research. What goes in your bag to and from work? Do you travel a lot? Do you carry a laptop? Do you need to put some gym gear in there too? Are you mostly using public transport or driving? These answers will help you decide if you need a heavy, durable satchel or a more streamlined tote.

6 Points to Consider:

1. Quality Materials: If you're after a hard working bag leather is a great choice. However it needs to be made from top grain leather to ensure strength, durability and long lasting character. You will never find a bag made from split leather or trimmed with PVC at Cranfields. Have a look at some of our leather business bags here.

2. Handles and Straps: Avoid skinny straps. Both handles and straps need to be thick enough to ensure comfort over the shoulder and ideally lined with webbing to eliminate stretch.

Having a shoulder strap will help keep you away from the osteopath’s office. Look for convertible handles and straps so you can carry the bag in different ways. An example of versatile features is a detachable shoulder straps that can be tucked away if you choose to carry it.

6 quick tips to find the perfect work bag

3. Hardware: All attachments need to be constructed from solid metals for strength and durability.

4. Zips and Linings: The most important part of any bag and often overlooked at time of purchase. These components take the greatest wear and tear so really need to match or exceed the quality of the leather outer. Once again at Cranfields we are always testing our bags to ensure they have quality detailing.

5. After sales support: Choose a bag from a supplier that stands by their products. We’d suggest buying from a physical store so you can try the bag on to get the ideal fit.

6 quick tips to find the perfect work bag

Image from @piece_makers

6. Style: If you are lugging around all sorts of bulky items and maybe even your gym clothes, a durable tote could be the perfect work bag for you. Once again look out for those sturdy straps. For something lightweight, a thick leather works well. Forgoing extra compartments and having an open interior provides more flexibility. Reduced hardware and lining reduces the weight and gives you maximum capacity.

Accordion style compartments may work best for you if you carry a laptop and or paperwork that needs to keep flat. These will give you improved 'findability' when you look into it, you should be able to see where everything is at once.

This bag is going to be used on the daily, so practical colours are reasonably necessary. You can find our satchels here.