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#MyCranfieldsStory / Isabel Saiz

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#MyCranfieldsStory / Isabel Saiz

Isabel Saiz of Avenida Home

"I met Nicola Cranfield in Paris at a design show early in 2018. After meeting her I knew she had the same appetite for beautiful things and I could see she was full of integrity and authenticity which is something I value. Through Nicola I knew that New Zealand and Cranfields would be a place where people would dare to be bold and create their homes to their own personal taste and quirky natures.

At Avenida Home I create an eclectic array of homeware items that brings joy into people's daily lives. I believe that art should be designed for beauty, passion and love not just for a product. Each item I create starts its life as an original piece of art designed to be admired or ignite curiosity and then turned into pieces that people can fill their homes with.

All our pieces are crafted in Europe by small family owned factories using the finest materials and traditional hand processes as well as state of the art technology. When it comes to our designers the world is your oyster and there is no boundaries or limit to styles. I always make time to form some sort of relationship with our artists, to understand their art and how it may fit into Avenida Home world.

Avenida Home | Tropical Tiger Large Table Mat
A stunning piece of mine at Cranfields is the wildlife wallpaper made from the original piece of art by Nathalie Lété that covers the back wall of the College St store.
Like all products at Cranfields, my pieces are not trends but are items that will last a lifetime." -Isabel Saiz

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