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Which Secrid wallet is right for you?

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Secrid Wallets

A long-time Cranfields favourite, Secrid's high-tech wallets are impeccably made with the greatest care. These wallets protect your cards against false scanning, and are super compact in size but surprisingly large in storage capacity. With a wide variety of styles and colours, we have a Secrid wallet for every pocket!


Secrid Card Protectors

The Card Protector

The core of all Secrid wallets, the card protector is the most minimalist offering. Featuring a patented mechanism that allows you to eject up to six cards for immediate use. Perfect for those who don't tend to carry cash.

Secrid Card Protector Red

Secrid Card Protector
The original, made from high precision aluminium.

Secrid Powder Coated Card Protector Sky Blue
Secrid Powder Coated Card Protector
Powder coated with bright colours.


Secrid Mini Wallet

The Mini Wallet

A certified all-rounder. High-quality leather surrounds the card protector, creating extra capacity for cash and cards, and closes with a strong clasp to keep everything secure. Ideal if you like to carry more than just cards, and keep everything extra safe.

Secrid Original Leather Mini Wallet
Whether you’re wearing a suit or worn jeans, this smooth leather with its naturally glossy finish fits every style.

Secrid Mini Wallet Matte Leather

Secrid Mini Wallet | Matte Leather
Distinctively colourful and discretely stylish, a rugged leather type that can withstand everyday hustle and bustle.

Secrid Mini Wallet Vintage Leather

Secrid Mini Wallet | Vintage Leather
Carefully abraded surface and wax finish for a natural stonewashed look.

Secrid Mini Wallet | Art Leather
Timeless artworks depicted on high-quality leather, which faithfully reproduces even the smallest details of the paintings.

Secrid Mini Wallet Crisple Leather

Secrid Mini Wallet | Crisple Leather
Embossed with a fine Saffiano print and resistant to staining and scratching.


Secrid Slim Wallet

The Slim Wallet

Similar to the Mini Wallet but without a clasp, which allows for a slimmer silhouette. This is great if you only carry a few cards and a bit of cash, with the svelte profile allowing it to fit into your pocket more easily.

Secrid Matte Leather Slim Wallet

Secrid Matte Leather Slim Wallet

Secrid Slim Wallet Vintage Leather

Secrid Slim Wallet Vintage Leather


The Twin Wallet

The super-sized version for those with extra cards! The Twin Wallet features two card protectors and a clasp for twice the storage capacity, while still maintaining the slim profile Secrid is known for.

Secrid Twin Wallet

Secrid Twin Wallet


Secrid Premium Collection

The Premium Collection

An upscale take on the iconic Mini Wallet and Slim Wallet. Evolved in all details, the Premium Collection is for those who look for the highest standards of design, craftsmanship and sustainability.

Secrid Premium Slim Wallet

Secrid Premium Slim Wallet

Secrid Premium Mini Wallet

Secrid Premium Mini Wallet


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