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Italian Pewter Tankard | Half Pint

This superb quality half pint tankard is made from solid pewter by Cosi Tabellini. It has been handcrafted by their Italian craftsmen; it is authentic, subtly aged and soulful.

The tankard has to be the archetypal drinking vessel down the centuries.  Beer just tastes that much better out of a pewter tankard. Unlike silver, pewter is extremely stable so doesn't impart any metallic taste, so you have the best of both worlds - an extremely attractive drinking vessel, without any compromise on taste; uniquely tasteful and yet at the same tasteless.

Also, pewter is not a good conductor of heat, so cold beer stays cold, real ale stays at room temperature.

The pewter is food safe - contains no lead so can be used as a beer pitcher or as an attractive vase. Can be engraved for a special present.

Cosi Tabellini is the leading pewter house in Italy, located at the foot of the Dolomite mountains they make modern day heirlooms that last for generations. The tankard comes in a beautiful soft cloth bag and elegant gift box.

Dimensions: 9 cm high

A full pint is also available. The second image shows the full pint next to the half pint.