A Magical Festive Table A Magical Festive Table

A Magical Festive Table

By Nicola Cranfield

A Magical Festive Table A Magical Festive Table

Welcome friends and family into your home with ​relaxed festive decorating.  ​We’ve come up with some simple suggestions to help you create a special Christmas table.

  • For a stylish overall effect, stick to a single theme, such as a particular colour palette or a festive style. Our Cranfields timber homewares are classic and elegantly neutral – making them a perfect foil to many themes.
  • Rather than plating the food in the kitchen consider creating a serving table with platters of food that people can help themselves from. On this table create height by piling up a stack of magazines to offer different levels for the food and decorations. Cover the magazines by dressing the table in hessian or natural linen for colour and texture. This neutral base also ensures that key dining elements, such as the food, cutlery place settings and serveware are highlighted within the scheme.
  • Scatter Christmas decorations along the centre of a table runner or as small gifts for your guests. Or consider creating a name holder from herbs or even using a Christmas decoration. We’ve used a felt Christmas Mouse that doubles as a sweet gift for the guest.
  • Harness the power of flowers, they don’t have to be overly festive to still make the right impression. We’ve opted for foraged herbs and roses to make a subtle centrepiece that isn’t particularly festive, and yet it works. Whatever foliage you favour ideally keep it in the same colour palette as your decorating scheme.
  • And pewter napkin rings are a lovely option, we engrave ours with initials for a personal touch.
  • Add placemats for a practical and decorative element. Our Avenida home placemats and coasters are finished with a hard-wearing backing that protects your precious furniture.

A naturally beautiful and easy decorative idea is to arrange a selection of herbs in small cups, we’ve used our pewter cups.

Mix traditionally festive colours of red and green with timber touches for a warm rustic Christmas look.

A sprig of (ours are faux) berries on the drinks tray and the table will add a fun pop of colour. Eco Christmas Crackers add a thoughtful touch.

Add some frozen berries to your martini pitcher to create the prettiest colour and keep it cool.