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Finding the perfect glove

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Finding the perfect glove

A pair of gloves can protect and keep your hands warm throughout the colder months. Great gloves can mean the difference between a comfortable commute or a shivery excursion with your hands shoved deep in your coat pockets.

But with so many different options available — Lambskin leather or kidskin nappa? Lined or unlined? Traditional or touchscreen friendly? — how do you choose which is best for you? 

What to look for:

Finding the perfect size

To determine your glove size, measure around the knuckles of your hand (not including thumb) in inches. The measurement in inches is your glove size. Gloves should be snug initially because they will stretch a little over time.

If you’re not sure, pop into our store to try on our range of sizes in person. Aim for a close fit without straining the material; a loose glove will not hold warmth as well and a too-tight glove will compromise the manoeuvrability of your hands.


Lambskin leather: Luxuriously soft, lambskin leather provides excellent insulation to keep your hands toasty warm. This soft and supple leather is used in top quality leather gloves and its touch, thinness and flexibility make the material ideal for elegant gloves.

Lambskin Leather Gloves


Kidskin nappa leather: A soft, thin leather traditionally used for gloves, it is supple and strong.

Kidskin Nappa Leather Gloves


Lambswool: Exceptional quality, softest lambswool is sure to keep your hands cosy.

Lambswool Gloves


Merinosilk: 70% Super-fine Merino wool, 20% Possum fur, 10% Mulberry Silk. Merinosilk is Kapeka's unique 100% natural fibre blend which combines sustainable luxury with resilient, strong fibres - made to last the test of time.

Kapeka | Merinosilk Gloves



Cashmere: Incredibly soft and luxurious, cashmere offers excellent warmth considering its sleek silhouette. Even softer than wool, and will keep your hands just as warm, cashmere is good option if you have sensitive skin. 

Cashmere Lined Gloves


Silk: An elegant silk interior allows your hand to slip inside the glove easily, and offers both warming and cooling qualities. Very luxurious to the touch.

Silk Lined Gloves


Wool: A warm and durable option for added protection from the cold.

Wool Lined Gloves


Unlined: A lighter option that increases manoeuvring room and allows for a firm grip on your steering wheel. These are perfect for driving. 

Unlined Driving Gloves


    Touch screen operable

    This tech-friendly feature means there will be no frozen fingers when using your smartphone on bitter cold days!

    Touch Screen Gloves
    Tactile pads on the index finger and thumb allow use of touch screens without having to remove your glove.


      Country of origin

      Lastly, take into account where the gloves have been made. Most of our gloves are made in either Italy or the Philippines, as we find these countries consistently produce premium quality and craftsmanship.

        You will never regret buying a pair of quality gloves. They are an elegant way to elevate your winter wardrobe and keep you warm, and are well worth the investment.

        Explore Cranfields' full range of gloves here.