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Spotlight on our master weavers - Masterweave

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Spotlight on our master weavers - Masterweave

Masterweave is the mastermind behind Cranfields beautiful collection of mohair and alpaca throws. Recently we paid them a visit to shout the team afternoon tea and take a tour of the workshop. We really wanted to show our appreciation for everything they do. And after doing business for over 15 years we thought it high time they had a spotlight on our journal:
The story of masterweave is inspiring. It all began with the Cairn's family farm 'Windmere'; Lindsay and Philippa Cairn were pioneers farming luxury fibre animals like angora goats, and cashmere. Always the innovator, Lindsay, while travelling, observed a technique for creating a wonderful loft, imbued in tradition, for brushing knitwear. This technique utilised the dried teasels from the thistle plant. Spotting an opportunity, Lindsay invented a process and developed a one-of-a-kind machine utilising the thistles. Although we can't reveal the secret technique, machine, or process which creates the marvellous and luxuriously finished and fluffy mohair products, we were able to take some photos from our sneak peak at the factory:


Why Mohair? Mohair, the hair of the angora goat, is not only super soft -  but it's also durable, resilient and takes dye extremely well! Because of this, Mohair is usually recognisable for it's vivid and saturated colours! Mohair has a high luster and sheen, it's elastic, and also crease and flame resistant! Further, Mohair has excellent insulating properties, as well as moisture wicking properties which make the blankets perfect for cozying up in winter and breathable for the summer! Finally, due to the underdeveloped scales of Mohair, it isn't nearly as itchy as sheep wool. All of these qualities add up to make Mohair the very desirable and luxury textile that it is. 

Why Alpaca? Alpaca fibre is great for a multitude of reasons! Alpaca fibre has no lanolin, so it's naturally hypoallergenic. Because Alpaca fibre is several microns smaller than Sheep wool, it gives a very soft, silky feel, close to the feel of merino wool! Finally, Alpaca fibre, due to the nature of the animal and their natural habitat in the mountains, has evolved to be extremely warm! Alpaca fibre is lightweight, but the 'airyness' of the fibre traps heat like no other!

Masterweave and Windmere have won the hearts of many notable a figure. Their throws, blankets and scarves are all environmentally conscious and produced from natural fibres. The luxury, and the quality of their products are unmatched, 

Not only are their products luxurious, and delicious, but their story, and their homegrown company is full of heart. Thank you so much to the Masterweave team from your neighbours here at Cranfields. Click here to see the range.