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Native songbirds inspire Cranfields 30 year anniversary celebration

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Native songbirds inspire Cranfields 30 year anniversary celebration

Nicola Cranfield and Emma Cunningham Flying Dog Studio
Image above: Nicola and Emma Cunningham from Flying Dog Studio 

To celebrate our 30th anniversary, Whanganui-based jeweller, Emma Cunningham, has produced a special collection of necklaces that are inspired by five native birds.

 Toutouwai Song Necklace | Cranfields Wellington

“The dawn chorus is such a special start to every day and each necklace has been designed to emphasise the sacred nature of these birds, which are absolute treasures of the forest,” says Emma. 

Cranfields will donate $50 from the sale of each Song Necklace to Zealandia Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Nicola and Mel from Zealandia
Image above: Nicola Cranfield and Mel from Zealandia Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Zealandia is an iconic part of our community and this is another way of supporting local. The conservation work they do is inspiring, it’s only fitting that the native birds that have inspired this line of jewellery benefit as well. 

Hihi stitchbird Song Necklace | Cranfields Wellington 
Emma Cunningham draws inspiration from nature and is concerned with the preservation of it. These values align with us at Cranfields, where we choose products that are authentic, enduring, and that stand alone with integrity.  

Teike Song Necklace | Cranfields WellingtonTui Song Necklace | Cranfields Wellington
From the pearls and knotted silk, to the one-off sand casted moulds used to shape the precious metals of pewter, silver, copper, and brass, every aspect of these necklaces refers to how precious these birds are, making them the perfect collection for our 30th.

I see this as an opportunity to showcase really special homegrown talent, with wonderful stories about how and why these makers have chosen to create the products they do.

These relationships have transformed the lives for many of the craftspeople that have worked with Cranfields over the years. Emma Cunningham, artist and jewellery maker, was discovered by Nicola Cranfield three years ago at her downtown studio in Whanganui. This chance meeting became the defining moment that allowed Emma’s business to grow.

“Up until that point I was working upstairs and selling my work from the door. I didn’t have any stockists or anything. Nicola offered me a change in direction,” explains Emma.

“Now I work from home and sell my work through Cranfields. This has freed me up to develop a website, and focus purely on my craft.”

Image above: Woodcut prints by Emma Cunningham

Part of the future is being responsive to the values of New Zealanders - I think we have shared goals about valuing what is special, about reducing and avoiding waste, and about only purchasing things which are enduring, which ‘speak’ to us, and which make us feel proud.