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Beeswax Dinner Candle | Long Set of 2

All the Hohepa Candles are made from 100% local beeswax with a cotton wick. Burning beeswax slowly perfumes the air with a subtle honey essence and as the wax burns slower the candles give off more light and heat than other candles. When lit, beeswax candles will pull dust, allergens and toxins out of the air. And if kept out of drafts beeswax candles will burn soot free and dripless.

Hohepa workshop is a proud artisanal community of adults mostly with an intellectual disability in the Hawkes Bay. Here the residents practice ancient crafts connecting beauty with their highly developed skills. 

These candles are made using the traditional candlemaking technique of hand dipping. This time-consuming process involves repeatedly dipping wicks, all hung from a timber frame - into molten wax.  Gradually the candle is built up layer by layer - with time allowed for each layer to cool before applying the next. To make even a thin candle may take around 12 dippings.  

30cm long approx