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Italian Pewter Spoon | Small 9.5cm

Beautifully crafted and practical, this small spoon is made from quality pewter, is dishwasher safe and is totally foodsafe with no lead. Handmade in Northern Italy by Cosi Tabellini, their artisans have gently aged it - giving it the character of a much used and loved family heirloom.  Something as mundane as a spoon can be made to look and feel a little bit special when it is handcrafted out of solid pewter from a traditional Italian workshop of skilled pewterers - craftsmen working with pewter.  

This spoon, although modest in proportions, is reassuringly solid, to create a sweet 'tink, tink, tink' when stirred against other solid pewter or ceramic vessels with the Cosi Tabellini range.

Size: Length 9.5 cm