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Leather Animal | Mini Giraffe

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Each Omersa leather animal is unique, being individually handcrafted in the United Kingdom. The compact size of these English leather mini animals makes them at home on a bookshelf or on a desk. 

Omersa leather animals are collectors' items and world famous; these friendly animals sure make a memorable gift. Lovingly handmade in Lincolnshire, England from the highest quality leather they emerge as individuals with personality and charm - one of the family, in fact.
Inside the animal there is a metal and wooden frame firmly surrounded with wood-wool; the wood-wool is hand worked to give the shape of the animal including the facial features.  This stuffing is strong and stable so it won't sag over time.  Once assembled, the leather is hand stained to give an antique effect, then waxed and polished to give a luxurious finish.

Dimensions:  300(L) x 90(W) x 360(H)