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Lexon Mina Sunrise Lamp & Alarm Clock | Bronze

The Mina Sunrise is a 3-in-1 lamp with sunrise and sunset effects, alarm clock and multicoloured lighting. Wake-up gently thanks to the progressive daylight simulator combined with natural sounds at the desired time. Use the sunset function to fall asleep peacefully.

30 minutes before the set wake-up time, dark blue tones gradually change into warm white to block melatonin and assist you to get up naturally, in a good mood and feeling rested. At night, when sunset mode is on, Mina Sunrise switches from orange to red light to help trigger sleep.

With its compact shape, aluminium base and high-quality display, Mina Sunrise has been designed to complement your nightstand and to be easy to interact with. Pressing the top of the lamp will turn the light on/off, choose among the 9 LED colours, adjust brightness, or stop the ongoing alarm.

Whether it is for reading in bed, creating a calming lighting ambiance before going to sleep or waking up refreshed in the morning, Mina Sunrise the right device to do it all in style.

– Sunrise alarm clock
– Pure VA LCD display
– Sunrise and sunset simulation
– 5 melodies and natural sounds
– Lamp with 9 LED colours
– Dimmer
– Touch controls
– Up to 4 months battery life*
– Charging time: 5h rechargeable and power supply via USB-C port (cable included)
– Material: Aluminium / ABS
– Dimensions: 11 x 11 cm
– Weight: 235g
*Normal usage time (if not plugged): Alarm clock with sound mode only: Up to 4 months / Alarm clock with sunrise mode only: Up to 1 month Lamp (light function only): Up to 24 hours