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How to best care for pewter

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How to best care for pewter

Cosi Tabellini Dinnerware

Cosi Tabellini pewter pieces really are future heirlooms. Their pewter is the finest quality; food-safe, lead-free and they make it all by hand. Further, being very stable makes it the perfect material to be used with food and drink, as well as for decorative objects.
Cosi Tabellini pewter is made of tin, copper and antimony only and is approved by both the EU and US Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Here are some care and use guidelines that will keep your pewter in top condition.
Pewter Crystal Brandy/Gin Glass Italian Pewter Ceramic Cereal Soup Bowl
    • Cosi Tabellini Pewter requires almost no maintenance.
      Unlike silver, it tarnishes very slowly, so requires minimal attention to keep it looking attractive. Gradually a natural patina will build up, enhancing the beauty, by softening the already gentle lines, adding warmth and character to the object.
    • As with any object used for food or drink, pewter needs to be washed thoroughly before first use,
    •  If your pewter is showing signs of tarnishing you can use any metal polish as long as it is safe for pewter. We suggest that you use Cape Cod Metal Polish
      Polishing Cloth for Fine Metals
    • Pewter has a low melting point (less than 200C), so it should never placed in an oven, microwave or exposed to a naked flame, or any other direct heat source.

    • Also, highly acidic foods like lemon juice can discolour pewter if it is left in contact with the pewter overnight. The discolouration can be removed with "0000" steel wool or a good metal polish by using light pressure and circular motions to buff away the stain.

    • After using your pewter, hand wash in warm water using liquid dish soap and dry it completely. Water drops left on the pewter surface may cause spots. When spotting occurs, the spots can be removed with metal polish or by using "0000" grade steel wool.

    • Our pewter cutlery and dinnerset are both dishwasher safe. Use the lowest heat setting and a liquid dish washing detergent. When you remove them from the dishwasher make sure they have cooled. However, if you have high mineral content in your water (hard water), we do not recommend the use of a dishwasher. The minerals can pit the surface of pewter.

    • Pewter glassware should be hand washed in warm water and never submerged in hot water. Submerging in hot water can cause the glass, crystal and pewter stem to expand and contract. This expansion and contraction will cause the bond between the glass and the pewter to weaken and sometimes break

    • Objects made from a combination of glass, or ceramic, and pewter should not be left to stand in water, as prolonged immersion could weaken the bond between the materials. 
  • What to do if you have broken a Pewter Piece?
    We have replacement pieces for many items. We will be glad to help you get your item functioning again.